6 Stylish Designer Scarves for Men

Summer stole the show and now the curtains are closed, winter is here already! And as you already know, fashion takes a huge turn around this time of the year; this is the perfect time to flaunt that exotic fur coat you have stashed away in your closet for ages!

People always put more focus on their coat than anything else during this period so much so that they forget a tiny piece of material that actually has the capability to keep away the chills – the scarves are what I am referring to; not just any scarf, but the classic ones!

You do not need to wait for the next fashion show to add another classic scarf to your collection, as long as you remember to be fashionable about your scarves; do not opt-in for something rigid and local… scarves might seem like an overlooked affair, but trust me they go a long way in determining how much of a fashion icon and classic man you are.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect scarf

• Design: Shouldn’t be too complex, but very unique and personalized
• Color: Pick a color that suits your style and preference, but keep the colors at minimum.
• Material: Think like a royalty and always go for the luxury of silk!

Now we have clarified the factors, here are 6 stylish designer scarves you should try!

• Burberry Wrinkled Classic Check Printed Scarf
• Brioni silk and cashmere blend
• Canali blue plaid scarf
• Paul Smith Woven Stripe Scarf
• Etro Stripped Detailed Scarf
• Salvatore Ferragamo Lettering Print Scarf

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