Airbus H175 Helicopter

For two years, Airbus has offered the medium-class H175 helicopter for clients in need of an offshore twin-engine workhouse, but for 2016, Airbus is introducing the first VIP H175, to enter service in Europe for yacht-based use. With an interior cabin that measures seven feet wide by 13 feet long, climate control even with the main rotor is stopped, and two seating areas that include four oversized club seats and a rear divan designed in sleek white leather with plenty of room to stretch out, this luxury helicopter was clearly designed with comfort in mind.

Pegasus Design is behind the look of the interior of the H175, which features hinged doors, not sliding panels, to optimize the interior usable wall space, electronic dimmable windows, mood lighting inside the cabin, and an electric three-step entry stair for easy access, not to mention enhanced interior soundproofing that rivals the ambiance of a private jet. Passengers can converse without headsets in complete comfort, and still get a panoramic view thanks to plenty of windows. This helicopter can be flown by a single pilot in good weather, who will be supported by a Helionix-designed avionics system that includes an auto-hover feature that corrects for wind drift and can fly up to 184 miles per hour over 690 miles.

Previous models of the H175 included a variety of features that offered similar comfort, though not as much luxury. The VIP model retains the combination of performance and fuel efficiency thanks to the under-floor fuel system and the pressure refueling that increases the helicopter’s fuel capacity to 691 gallons. The five-bladed Spheriflex rotor has a low vibration profile so that every flight is comfortable and quiet. This model also retains the aluminum alloy airframe that is both reliable and easy to maintain.

The luxury cabin on the VIP H175 can accommodate seven passengers, who will have access to an in-flight entertainment system with multiple LCD screens that display moving map and images from the tail skid and tail fin cameras. These are totally controllable through touchscreen or device compatibility. Airbus’ goal was to make this helicopter as close to a personal jet experience as possible, and the early review suggests that they have done just that. This is the absolutely upmost end of the Airbus line for private aviation, and can perform a variety of operations for business, commercial use, yacht owners and more.

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