A leading innovator in private jets and air transport, Airbus now offers the Jet Melody Cabin Concept. Designed for the ACJ320neo Family, it delivers a singular experience that combines natural and harmonious curves with a quiet setting, to provide high-quality sound. The aesthetics of the cabin incorporate lines that bring to mind the curving appeal of flowing hillsides and horizons, as well as desert dunes. The effect produces a more natural feeling, while the design focuses on evoking a more naturalistic sense.

The cabin itself is designed with the needs of the customer in mind, taking into consideration the wants and desires of lifestyles up in the sky. This includes accommodating the ever-present trend of smartphones and tablets, as well as amenities for enjoying audio-visual entertainment in an environment reminiscent of a home cinema. The Melody Cabin seeks to provide all the modern technologies and luxuries a passenger could require or possibly need, including access to wireless Internet while in the air for increased connectivity while traveling.

The flowing lines of the Melody Cabin allow for ease of access throughout, boasting a spacious crew area and galley, as well as a forward lounge that even sports a 65-inch television screen. In the master bedroom, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of a private bath and take advantage of an upgraded sound system, designed to work in harmony with the subtle curves of the cabin itself to enhance acoustics.

Everything is designed down to the last detail, with an eye to luxury and elegance, including the incorporation of an attractive pattern resembling honeycomb along the cabin walls. This tastefully echoes some of the same materials used in corporate jet construction. Window tinting can be controlled at the push of a button, lightening and darkening to your desire, with fingertip controls.

The Melody Cabin more than adequately seats up to six passengers, and allows for plenty of room to move about and socialize. The ultimate in relaxation, the bedroom suite comes equipped with a large and comfortable double-bed as well as a separate, facing sofa. Customers will also find that the cabin is easily separated into zones, should a large number of passengers need to be accommodated. In this way, they may fly and enjoy themselves in the utmost comfort, and still be able to take advantage of having some privacy along the way.

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