If the idea of your own, private estate on a cliff above the Andaman Sea appeals to you, then a visit to the brand-new Aquila villa in Phuket, Thailand is in order. With nearly three acres of entirely private land, and seclusion that is unprecedented (the official website says, “At night there is only one set of lights on a distant hill about half a kilometer away to the southeast.”), it is a remarkable find.

While it is described as a villa, it is actually far more expansive than that. It has been designed with multiple pavilions that include the main pavilion at the heart of the property, an arrival pavilion, and the formal guest pavilion. Between the main and guest pavilions, visitors have seven enormous bedroom suites, but there are also many impressive living spaces throughout.

The main pavilion features a pool level with an al fresco dining area, a large, gourmet kitchen as well as a formal dining room. There is a wine cellar, living room and outdoor lounge. The pool is a masterfully designed, infinity-edge delight that gazes out over the 165 meters of sea frontage below. The main pavilion also features a formal terrace, library, comprehensive spa and charming reception area.

This one area of the property alone demonstrates just how ideally suited it is for those seeking the ultimate luxury escape, yet it is also a fabulous find for those in search of the finest destination event location. With a staff that includes both a chef and cook, a full-time manager, housekeeping and security, every need is met. An eight-passenger luxury car is part of any visit, and the driver is able to transport you to the famous Kamala Beach just ten minutes away, or anywhere else you wish to visit.

However, with the amenities and services on the premises, you may find it unnecessary to travel anywhere at all. The property features direct access to the waterfront, with a reef just five meters from shore. There is a forest trail leading to a waterfall, the pool, a full bar with pool table, a private cinema, a modern fitness center with the very best equipment, and a private spa with full massage services. The commercial quality kitchen supplies amazing meals, and menus are easily adapted to guests’ needs.

With its amazingly private setting, stunning scenery and world-class amenities, the Aquila villa is a fantastic opportunity just awaiting your company.

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