Atlantis Paradise Island is nothing short of an iconic destination in the Bahamas. With its wealth of activities for all ages, a casino, the lavish accommodations and dining options ranging from casual eats to fine dining, the resort offers something for everyone who chooses to visit. However, world-famous designer and interior architect Jeffrey Beers has signed on to elevate the Atlantis Paradise Island resort even more with four renovation projects that ensure the hotspot keeps up with the demands of luxury travelers.

While there are plenty of options available for rooms, the Cove is the go-to locale for those looking for a luxurious escape. Already known as the destination on the Island thanks to the plethora of modern amenities and high service standards, every suite will receive a makeover as part of the renovation project. From simple changes like updated headboards to wall art and new carpets, the goal is to make the Cove even more upscale and modern.

Whether looking for the supreme luxuriousness of the Cove, or the residential accommodations of the Reef Atlantis, nearly every room and suite available offers stunning views of the sea and gorgeous skies surrounding Atlantis Paradise Island. The closeness of the beach and the intense variety of adventures available make this resort an unforgettable favorite for anyone looking for fun and relaxation.

With more than 40 restaurants and bars, water activities, golfing, a marine habitat, a spa and so much more, Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas provides an experience like no other location available.

What: Atlantis Paradise Island offers luxurious accommodations, adventure and relaxation for intimate getaways and family vacations.

Where: On Paradise Island, Bahamas, where the azure waters and panoramic views are breathtaking every day of the year.

Why: Experience the perfect combination of luxury hotels and adventure, creating experiences and memories that will never be forgotten. ($198 – $849)

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