At first glance, the Audi RS7 looks like another excellent addition to the Audi lineup of four-door luxury rides. With a sleek body and classic Audi styling, this car is the definition of svelte, the perfect cruiser for anyone who can afford the six-figure price tag. But the Audi RS7 has a secret. While the stylish 20-inch wheels and interior mods make this a beautiful car, it’s what is under the hood that has buyers flocking to this model.

With an aggressive acceleration rate and tons of power, the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharge V8 offers 605 horsepower, 45 more horsepower than its predecessor. There’s also an extra 37 pound-feet of torque, bringing the specs into the realm of supercars. The R8 V10 Plus, Audi’s halo performance model car, weighs 900 pounds less thanks to two less doors, and yet only delivers five more horsepower than the RS7. That means that the RS7 is the closest thing to a four-door supercar buyers will find on the luxury market.

Road tests prove that Audi’s claim of 60 miles per hour in under four seconds holds up. The RS7 actually performed better than estimated, with upper speeds hitting 190 quite easily. The eight speed automatic transmission is backed by the Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system, so the car is as responsive as it is fast. Precision is the name of the game, with plenty of features that allow even an average driver to achieve rock-star status when handing the RS7.

Audi also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to appearance. While buyers will find other Audi models with more luxurious cabins, the RS7 still retains a trendy, spacious design. The rear sport bucket seats do mean that you lose a fifth seat, but the comfortable seats allow every rider to be supported in the lap of luxury, even when you’re pushing the Audi to its limit. The rounded dashboard, carbon fiber trim panels, and exquisite layout are all classic markers of the Audi luxury line. The driver display is customizable, and designed to provide the driver with information at a glance.

Compared to similar four-door luxury vehicles, the RS7 may seem like another mid-list contender at first – but the absolute power beneath the hood blows the competition out of the water. Customize the Audi to make a splash upon entry, or enjoy the “secret supercar” design.

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