Beechcraft has a long and storied history; started in 1932 as the Beech Aircraft Corporation, the founders started the organization by making the still much beloved turboprop and piston aircraft. As the most well-known executive turboprop aircraft in the world, the King Air Beechcraft has been in production for over 50 years and can seat up to nine passengers with a flight range of 1500nm. While there are larger Beechcraft airplanes available, the King Air still holds a place in the heart of America, and around the world.

Affordable Luxury

The Beechcraft signature planes are comfortable, versatile and efficient, all of these properties lending themselves to the longevity of the line. While they are an enormous step up from single-engine propeller planes, the Beechcraft aircraft are still relatively affordable for the average millionaire as they are often priced less than $10 million. This covers aircraft that will carry up to 10-11 passengers, although with only four passengers the plane is quite a bit faster and can travel much further than the base 2000-mile range fully loaded.

Quietly Comfortable

While not always the most luxurious of airplanes, the Beechcraft is still comfortable—yet in a more understated way than some of the flashier brands of small aircraft. The low maintenance costs are also often cited as a selling point, as consumers are not required to manage frequent repairs and the inconvenience of not having their airplane available when they need it.

Even if pilots get caught out in adverse weather in these little planes, they can easily rise to their 30,000 foot ceiling and cruise easily at a speed in excess of 300 mph. For a smaller aircraft, the Beechcraft is functional, well-made and highly affordable for the wealthy.

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