The Benetti name carries a tradition of excellence and innovation that continues to shape the face of the company today. The needs of clients are increasingly complex, and Benetti is committed to the continued style and quality to maintain their time-honored tradition in yacht building. Building full and partial displacement yachts in lengths from 90 feet to more than 90 meters; Benetti crafts tailor-made vessels that will stand the test of time.

High Production Quality

One of the key tenets of the Benetti philosophy is the focus on the absolute quality of the materials that go into each yacht to create the natural expression of the timeless elegance of true Italian design. A fanatical attention to detail and the massive production facilities combine to allow Benetti to be a world leader in luxury boats.

 Tradition Meets Technology

Benetti uses a range of manufacturing techniques; and while the old-world style is always in place, the master builders focus on finding the most advanced technology in order to refine each yacht to its highest potential. Once of the first builders to utilize composite materials—and they continue to innovate today by staying up to date on research and project planning. With nearly 45 yachts currently in production at three separate facilities, Benetti is truly a superpower in the luxury yachting world. Onboard electrical systems are fully integrated, allowing Benetti’s over-the-top service team to pinpoint details at any time.

Benetti focuses on working exclusively with each client, to ensure that each unique individual receives a yacht that will exceed even their wildest dreams. The blending of Italian engineering and modern and dynamic approach to production mean that Benetti has been able to manufacture over 300 yachts to date—making them one of the most prolific builders in the world.

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