Power, refinement and style are three of the words that can describe the new Bentley Continental GT Speed. From the exquisite tailoring in the redesigned cabin to a renewed focus on detail under the hood, the Bentley Continental GT Speed will not fail to impress.

Virtually Limitless Power
Sliding into this snazzy coupe gets you ready for the road, with sport styling in all directions from the steering wheel to the solid sound when you close the door. While emissions and fuel economy are tightly controlled, this stunning vehicle still packs a punch behind the wheel and through the most demanding corners.

O-60 in 3.9s
With a top speed of over 206 miles an hour, the Bentley Continental GT Speed is not your father’s Bentley. From standing, this beauty will flash up to 60 miles an hour in 3.9 seconds—a very creditable number and one that is sure to have you pushed back into your seat with a rush.

Throaty Growl of the Engine
One of the many things that Bentley did well with this driving machine is balanced the sound of the engine and the cabin insulation to allow in just enough engine growl to be exciting, but without the extra road sounds that can distract you from the overall experience. The Bentley’s engine reaches top horsepower of 633 at 6000 RPM with the W12 engine.

Overall, the Bentley Continental GT Speed offers enough excitement to keep you interested, yet still has the grand touring feel that has made Bentley famous for decades. At around $235,000 to start, this vehicle is truly an epic addition to the Bentley line and a vehicle of which you can be proud.

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