While most individuals would be delighted with a small turboprop plane that seats six and allows them to go on shorter jaunts, some people just need more. That’s when Boeing steps in, with their offerings of massive private jets that cater to the very rich—and often, the very private. Customers are able to refit a Boeing 737 airliner for their very own, provided they have the money available to do so. With the ability to fly over 8000 nautical miles without a stop, the Boeing 747-8 VIP is truly stunning to behold and one of the longest airliners ever built. Which is not surprising, considering the VIP who requested this beast ended up with nearly 5000 square feet of space that included a dining room, office and bedrooms. Jumbo jets of this size run in the neighborhood of a quarter of a billion dollars—before customization!

Flying Hotel

Likened to the most luxurious of hotel rooms, the Boeing 737 and 747 are used by titans of industry as well as real-life royalty who will have plenty of room to stretch out in the nearly 200-foot-long jet. Boeing Business Jets prides itself on offering the very best of commercial aviation to private travelers, citing the massive potential for customization that makes their line unique.

 Convenience and Mobility

When you see the images of the inside of the floating palace, it is not difficult to see what customers of Boeing value: convenience, all the comforts imaginable, and mobility. Customers demand access to the same options that they would have on the ground such as showers, entertainment areas, full bedrooms and more.

 Boeing jets truly take corporate and personal luxury flight to the next level with their range of massive and stunning aircraft.

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