Bombardier bills themselves as the ‘Evolution of Mobility’, and when you see their wide variety of everything from personal luxury aircraft to corporate jets to trains, it’s not hard to believe that claim. This Canadian manufacturer’s diverse and exhaustive portfolio of aircraft is built to handle the challenges and rigors of travel today. Whether they’re working with a client who wants to match their plane’s interior to their handbag, or someone who is more interested in the resale value of their plane, Bombardier’s customer-focused service is what sets it apart in the crowded market of personal luxury aircraft.

Ultimate Flying Comfort

While customers can request items that are a little bit more challenging, such as having the color of their jet change color as it moves with shimmer paint, the stated goal of Bombardier’s builders is to create a haven that has as many comforts of the customer’s home as possible, allowing them to be comfortable on flights that extend past 10 hours. Dedicated bedrooms and bathrooms are not unusual, and even a personal shower with a hot water limit of up to 40 minutes has been requested and added to a plane.

Legendary Service

One of the things that really allows Bombardier to differentiate themselves is their legendary service. They focus on not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations at every turn. This allows them to continue growing at an exceptional rate and increasing their range of offerings through personal luxury aircraft and into private jets for business as well.

The Bombardier name is known the world over as one of the ultimate expressions of luxury; capable of taking nearly any customer desire and turning it into a physical representation of their wealth and style.

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