The Bulgari Divas’ Dream Collection was designed to showcase every aspect of the classic diva. Whether she’s flirty, sophisticated, radiant, or dreamy, this collection has something to complement her many moods. The sinuous curves and bright colors of this collection are not only inspired by a beautiful feminine figure, but also by the statuesque beauty of Rome.

Many of the pieces of the Divas’ Dream Collection feature elements that mirror the patterned mosaics of the Baths of Diocletian, such as the Gioco e Vanita. Also inspired by the beautiful peacock, known for rebirth and a celebration of the self, this necklace includes vibrant color and beautiful shine from the precious stones.

A 26-item line, the Divas’ Dream Collection includes gemstones in every color of the rainbow, and in a variety of metal colors and settings. It’s an eclectic collection, perfect for the woman who is at times bold, at times elegant, and always perfectly feminine. The signature Diva shape, inspired by women’s curves, has become a Bulgari staple, instantly recognizable to any jewelry lover.

This collection does include items for every day wear as well as for dressing up, and stones include coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and pavé diamonds. Pendants, rings, earrings, and cuffs make for a wide range of designer looks. This line is roughly divided into three unique sub collections, each focusing on a different aspect of femininity.

The first is the line of polished and poised pieces made of sleek diamonds, perfect for the woman with a timeless, chic look. Mother of pearl studs and rose gold details can be dressed up or down, but this woman is always effortless and elegant. The second is the glamourous sophisticate, the darling of every eye, and includes bold pieces that are perfect for adding dazzling detail to any outfit. Colored gems in rose or white gold settings are used to create pieces that draw the eye and hold it.

Finally, Bulgari has created several pieces for the modern mystique, the woman with all the charisma behind her smile. The feminine equivalent to a men’s necktie is the perfect example of an eclectic elegance that defines this woman. These pieces are made of vibrant malachite, diamonds, and finely crafted details. In every piece in the Divas’ Dream Collection, boutique style helps any jewelry lover add designer detail to their wardrobe.


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