Built by Aga Khan in the 1960’s, Cala Di Volpe is situated in a majestic setting long the turquoise waters of Costa Smeralda. From the dramatic landscape with views of the distant mountains, the natural landscape and the white sand beaches, this ultra-elegant hotel provides exceptional luxury in a setting reminiscent of an old village.

The “Cove of the Fox” as its name translates to, offers 125 rooms based around a casual design that appeals to the jet setters. From the floors of juniper wood to the trompe l’oiel paintings on the walls and emerald green waters right outside the doors, the Mediterranean feel of Cala Di Volpe belies its Italian location.

The hotel, which still wears the Starwood name, was renovated in 2008, when master Sardinian craftsmen transformed the Hotel Cala Di Volpe to incorporate modern amenities without sacrificing the original beauty and splendor.

The rooms at Cala Di Volpe offer spacious accommodations marked with large-scale stone masonry, intricately carved woodwork and textiles that are handwoven. Each room offers spectacular views of the waters and lush greenery surrounding the hotel, while the large picture windows ensure plenty of fresh air and natural light that brings the beauty of the outdoors right inside the room.

The artistic touches of the elaborate luxury hotel create a space that is intimate and rustic, yet still offers sophistication and a sense of privacy that welcomes guests of all ages. Guests can experience international cuisine, take advantage of poolside buffets or even head to the Pontile Bar for an intimate meal and drinks.

What: An ultra-elegant luxury hotel offering intimacy, relaxation and adventure in a Mediterranean setting.

Where: On the pristine beaches of the Emerald Cost in Porto Cervo, Italy.

Why: Experience stunning beauty paired with simple yet elegant rooms and suites that overlook the emerald waters and lush greenery of Costa Smeralda. ($311 – $25,000).

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