Cessna Aviation started as many companies, in very humble settings and as a family business. Started in 1924, and currently part of the Textron Aviation family of brands, Cessna has long been associated with luxurious business travel as well as more affordable single-engine aircraft. Their latest large-cabin corporate jet, the Hemisphere, is part of their Citation line of corporate jets and marks this smaller-jet manufacturer’s entry into the big-leagues of luxury avionics.

Service That Lasts

Textron Avionics has a tight focus on customer service, providing all owners of their aircraft brands with the most capable network of service teams in the country. They offer new aircraft warranties, and can even retrofit your current aircraft to bring it up to current standards quickly and easily. Not only does Textron offer Cessna customers exceptional service, they will even come to your aircraft with 60 mobile service teams waiting to assist with any requests such as upgrades, paint services, equipment installation and more.

Lifetime Loyalty

One of the ways that Cessna is able to continue to grow, is by inspiring brand loyalty by offering aircraft that will support customers through each stage of their travel life. These offerings include planes for novices all the way up to titans of industry—and everything in between. Customers are able to trade up or down, and are sure to find an aircraft that will fit their needs. With nearly 200,000 Cessna aircrafts built since inception of the company, they are certainly one of the most prolific manufacturers of personal aircraft in the world.

Cessna’s continued strong support by Textron Aviation allows them to maintain their innovation focus and provide everything from an office in the sky to a quick way for customers to get away for the weekend in their own small plane.

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