As founder of the famous CherylCharm Lashes, there was a time when Cheryl Azouri was not always in beauty. In fact, she started her career as a successful banker, until she saw an opportunity to make her mark on the beauty industry. Deciding to leave a lucrative position in the financial sector wasn’t as difficult as you may think.

She said, “When I graduated, I started working in a bank and I decided that it wasn’t my thing. I was always into beauty and makeup.” Her inspiration for starting CherylCharm was based on a need that she saw in the Lebanese beauty market that wasn’t being fulfilled. “I started my lash line because my friends and I always had to buy our false lashes abroad. We lacked that option in Lebanon. To me, lashes are essential. I can go out with a bare face, but my lashes are a must!”

But CherylCharm lashes are more than just a need fulfilled. While explaining what sets her lashes apart, Cheryl explained that CherylCharm lashes are made from natural hair. Each of the eight styles, named after Cheryl’s friends and family members, can suit individual needs. The line includes everything from a natural ‘no lash’ lash to a dramatic triple-stacked lash. CherylCharm lashes are also suited to work for different eye shapes, and are reusable up to 10 times.

Even though she knows that there are many eyelash brands out there, Cheryl is confident in the uniqueness of her product.” My lashes are very lightweight. They are made for women who like natural eyelashes. I created my lashes for the society woman, not for makeup artists that take beauty to another level with super huge eyelashes.” Cheryl wears her lashes every day, even without makeup, and her look is natural and fresh.

Asking a beauty enthusiast about their favourite brand is almost a must in any interview When Cheryl was asked about her favourite brands she said: “I love Nars, Giorgio Armani, Too Faced, and Mac.”

Cheryl is authentic in everything she does and says, and one should only look to her Instagram and Snapchat posts for proof. She says that she wouldn’t change a thing about her Instagram, and that belief in honest presentation also translates into her business: “I post about brands that I want and use every day. I would only accept sponsorship from a brand if and only if I personally know it very well, have used it and love it.”

While we spoke of sponsorship, I asked who she would choose to represent her own brand. She replied that someone in love with makeup, like Kylie Jenner, would be perfect.

Cheryl has a lot of plans for the future of CherylCharm. She is hoping to expand into the skin and hair care industry. “I do take care of my own eyelashes,” she said, even when she wears her CherylCharm lashes. “I apply castor oil, and when I run of castor oil I apply cocoa oil, and I also use Revitalize serum on my own eyelashes. I recommend it! I also never sleep with my eyelashes on,” she admitted. Currently, her lashes are available in countries like Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Soon, her lashes will be available in London as well, and Cheryl hinted that she has a whole new concept in the works.

Talking with Cheryl was a delight, and in closing I asked her for a final piece of advice she wanted to give her fans: “Invest in your own skin. Take care of your natural hair and your natural eyelashes. Love yourself.”

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