While many of the superyacht builders are based in Europe, Christensen Yachts is based domestically in Vancouver, Washington—right on the Columbia River. Since the 1980s, founder Dave Christensen has been building custom yachts from his state-of-the-art production facility that includes 55,000 square meters of manufacturing space with 12 large manufacturing bays. The standardized construction systems allow owners to take ownership much sooner, while providing economies of scale by standardizing the construction systems and basic engineering.

Composite Engineering

The molded hulls favored by Christensen allow for a much wider variety of options during the overall design and construction phase due to the sandwich composite method. The Double-Cored cell hulls are produced separately from the Dinivycell-core—which produces an exceptionally strong yacht by dint of engineering. Christensen is also able to deliver yachts more quickly due to their remarkably controlled bays that are climate controlled and allow a clean space to complete the exterior of the yachts. Even the design of the manufacturing facility helps to keep production moving along—parts storage and electrical preparation areas are close to the final assembly area to facilitate flow of materials throughout the process.

Custom Craftsmanship

From the cabinetry that has won worldwide renown to the onsite upholstery studio, all of Christensen’s interior work is completed with style and panache. Stonework with the highest quality onyx, marble, limestone and granite cut with the latest water jet processes and edging machines create handcrafted countertops, floors and panels of unequalled beauty and quality. Even the metalwork of this modern, efficient facility points to the quality of the handmade handrails, and stairways—all polished to the finest mirror finish.

While Christensen Yachts may not have the longevity of some of the European yacht brands, they are certainly making a name for themselves in the luxury yacht business.

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