The classic design of a Rolls-Royce is certainly evident in the Dawn, one of the most eye-catching of the line to date. The charm of the vehicle is in its assertive yet charismatic exterior: aerodynamic, sleek and elegant and crafted with the refined contemporary driver in mind.

Contemporary Styling

Slender proportions on the roof offset the powerful front end of this beauty. The Dawn features a welcoming design in motion that was designed to be shared; this is a four-seater that unflinchingly encourages you to include passengers in your experience. The front seats are not only heated but also cooled, and everything has been attuned for your comfort including a one-button closing mechanism for the doors. If you find yourself caught in the rain, simply take advantage of the pop-out umbrella that can be found in each of the two front doors.

Indulgent Interior

With an interior crafted from butter-soft leather and wood, the Rolls-Royce Dawn creates a sanctuary that wraps passengers in comfort and beauty. As this vehicle is a convertible, you may expect to hear some significant wind noise, but it has been cancelled out and has every bit as much sound protection as a hardtop.

Immersive Sophistication

Run-flat tires, luxurious leather and wooden interior and a ragtop that will drop in around 22 seconds up to speeds of 32mph and no motor noise to speak of at all put this Rolls-Royce driving machine at the top of every millionaire and billionaire’s list. With enough room for a 6’2 male behind the driver’s seat, you will never feel cramped even in the rear seat.

With more than enough power to reach the 155mph maximum speed, the Rolls-Royce Dawn is an exquisite offering from a superlative line of driving machines.

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