A Sleek New Look from Echo Yachts in the Trimaran Concept

With an elegant elongated bow and a curvy figure that mimics the waves it rides upon, the Echo Yachts Trimaran Concept is a jaw-dropping new design that demands attention. Both bold and sleek, this vessel includes a pair of helipads, an alfresco dining area, a swimming pool, a tender garage, and a hot tub among its many amenities. The diesel-electric engine allows you to cruise at speeds up to 20 knots.

This yacht hosts room for up to 40 staff members, and up to 26 guests, and both the interior and exterior dining spaces can seat all guests at once. There are also other spaces for communal fun, like an indoor cinema room, a gym and spa, and more. The foredeck is where you’ll find access to the tender garage.

Noise and vibration on board is at an all-time low thanks to the Echo Yachts’ placement of the generators in the outer hulls. There are also zero-speed stabilizers that make your ride even more comfortable, and the shape of the Trimaran form is meant to provide more comfort to guests who frequently suffer from the movement of a traditional monohull.

With 120 meters of room, all of it maximized to be as usable as possible, the guest quarters include a rotating master stateroom section, a private outdoor entertaining zone for the owner to enjoy, and a glass passenger lift that offers an amazing view of the entire yacht as guests travel through decks.

This Echo Yachts Trimaran Concept vessel isn’t due to be launched until 2018, but the reveal has already left some luxury vacationers lusting after this sophisticated and beautiful yacht. Not only does the contemporary design make for an amazing profile, even more stunning at night, but the attention to detail in every surface and amenity is guaranteed thanks to the designers, Sam Sorgiovanni, and One2three Naval Architects – both teams are known for providing true luxury in even the smallest details.

The various propulsion systems can be customized, which will allow owners to run more efficient and more sea-friendly systems. The hybrid diesel-electric system comes with CP propellers, which allows for a maximum cruising range of about 5,000 nautical miles. From the long, sleek bow to the curved windows and decks, this yacht is full of unique personality that is unlike any other vessel you’re likely to run into.

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