While personal luxury jets have always been, well, luxurious, yachts are known to take luxury to a whole new level—until now. The new Skyacht One $83 million private jet includes $30 million in “extras” added on to the standard price of an Embraer Lineage 1000E private jet with over 10,000 cubic feet of cabin space. The nautical theme for this particular jet continues inside with planked and pegged wood that has a high gloss and plenty of gold accents. While this is only one of the legendary Embraer personal luxury aircraft options available, it could easily be the most opulent.

Downscaled Airliners

Embraer began their journey in avionics as a manufacturer of regional airliners, so it should not be surprising that instead of feeling like private aircraft, the planes instead have the feel of mini-airliners. Many of the personal aircraft include ergonomic interiors designed in concert with BMW Group Designworks USA to allow every surface and curve to offer maximum comfort and utility.

Enhanced Technology

With options that are often only found in larger jets, Embraer offers technology boosts such as digital flight controls with full fly-by-wire to even its entry-level offerings. Their broad range of offerings allows Embraer to cater to nearly any size customers by leveraging their dynamic spirit of innovation and the connection that customers feel the first time they set foot on their new Embraer aircraft. Unconventional thinking allows Embraer to continue to advance the originality of their thinking, and deliver on customer’s expanded requests for the ultimate in flying machines.

With over 1,000 business jets delivered to date, Embraer continues to provide luxury and utility to discerning customers around the world.

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