While the Ferrari 488 GTB is still slightly more affordable than other supercars, don’t begin to think that it is lacking in any refinement. Sleek and aggressive are the ideal terms to describe this aerodynamic demon, and attention has been paid to every detail.

Curb Appeal
With a look similar to a stunning sports car, the Ferrari 488 GTB has a massive spoiler and air vents on the rear of the vehicle that, along with the scoops on the front, help deliver air to the radiators for cooling. Although often pictured as red, the Ferrari offering is also available in 25 different colors and any number of types of rims and other unique features.

With a 3.9L twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood, the Ferrari 488 GTB certainly lives up to its namesake brand and can accelerate to hit 60mph in three seconds flat and has a top speed around 205mph. While the power output is expansive, the vehicle is technically a fuel-sipper, with an average 16mpg city and 22mpg highway rating. With acceleration that will push you deep into your seat and the brutal thrust of a fighter jet, the Ferrari 488 GTB delivers on the promise of speed.

Amazing Drift
When you are driving this powerhouse, you may decide to go into a drift after a few corners—and you will be glad that you did! The Side Slip Control setting automatically adjusts the rear differentials and electronics, damping out the front for slip angles you will not believe.

When you’re in the mood for a dramatic ride that hits on all the angles, the Ferrari 488 GTB will provide you with the style and confidence of Ferrari and the utter beauty of a supercar

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