Fouz Al Fahad, I Am a Numbers Girl,With Almost 2 Million Followers

Fouz Adnan Alfahad—or TheRealFouz as most people know her—is a popular makeup artist making waves in the beauty and fashion industry. Fouz rise to fame didn’t happen overnight. Unlike other brand influencers in the industry, Fouz has come to differentiate herself by being real with her followers and sharing facts just as they are.
To Fouz, her followers are important and she always ensures to share things they’ll like and ask for their opinions.

While most people use figures as a yardstick for success, Fouz own definition of success is when her followers can relate to her and this might just be one of the reasons for her remarkable success in the industry.

“I honestly feel when your followers get to relate to you, you become more successful because it’s more of a reality what you do especially on Snapchat because you can’t edit.They see the person behind all these pictures and I definitely feel that’s when I have actually succeeded forgetting all the numbers and the jobs”

A brand influencer is a lot more than gleaming selfies and flawless makeup. We got a chance to sit with Fouz recently and asked her how her job as a brand influencer has changed her personal life.

“It has limited my privacy, it doesn’t exist anymore. You have thousands and millions trying to be with you all the time,” she said.

Even though her privacy is no more a thing she has control over as she has to be online 24/7, she admits that being in the limelight has left her more confident and open to herself.

“I was never this open about who I am before and after social media. I feel like when people love you and support you feel more of yourself, it’s really weird I never expected to have this much self confidence.”

With millions of girls from all over the world looking up to Fouz for daily fashion and beauty inspiration, she still remains one person who doesn’t dress to fit into trends. In a world where everyone is jumping onto the next trending fashion item or beauty product, she is a strong believer of dressing how you feel to maintain a level of uniqueness.

“I dress as I feel because I feel once you are confident and you know what suits you that’s when you really get to succeed and love yourself, that’s when you become different from whoever is around.”

Contrary to some beliefs, she doesn’t acquire the services of a fashion stylist. she dresses up herself in outfits she finds comfortable. Most of the outfits she wears and shares on her social media are just as spontaneous as some of the events she attends.

Her Instagram feed is filled with dresses and shoes from different brands and designers but just like everyone else, there are certain brands she can’t live without.

“I love a lot of brands, but my favourite has to be Dior. I can never walk into Dior and walk out with nothing.
Umm, shoes? I love Hermes, I have a lot of their shoes, I have a lot of their sandals! ”

With close to two million followers on Instagram alone, we wondered how she dealt with negative feedbacks left on her post.

“I don’t deal with criticism unless someone is criticising me to do better—that I appreciate. But if someone is being nasty for no reason I just block them out of my head.
There are a lot of things that are happening around the world that people should care about and start criticising to fix ,rather than shaming some girls on social media for being who they are.”

One thing some of her followers may not know is that she has a major in finance which she intends to put into play very soon.

“I am a numbers girl, I majored in finance so I am in the process of opening two businesses related to social media and beauty. One in Dubai and the other in Kuwait.”

Fouz spoke passionately about her life and her love for social media. Having a one on one with Fouz was inspiring and invigorating. She has come to fall in love with a career path she never dreamt of having and is already making plans to expand her business beyond social media.

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