Heesen Yachts are a world-renowned builder of serious luxury yachts—stylish, sophisticated and built with the latest cutting-edge technology married to Old World Dutch artisanship. Superior performance is the expectation, with attention to detail infused into every yacht project. With over 150 superyachts under their belt, Heesen has truly earned the right to be called an unparalleled shipyard and one of the world’s premiere luxury yacht brands.

Synonymous with Quality

After winning numerous awards, the Heesen team continues to push the boundaries of luxury yacht building since their humble start in 1978. With over 30 years of experience, Heesen Yachts master builders pride themselves on expanding your horizons by delivering a yacht that is so much more than simply a way to travel, they are actually an extension of your way of life. The high level of luxury mirrors that which you would expect in your daily existence and the shipyard currently has 10 yachts in production with delivery dates as late as 2018. Dedicated to the performance of luxury, Heesen continues to win awards and accolades over the years for their semi-custom and custom yachts.

Uncompromising Luxury

No matter the build, Heesen Yachts ensures that clients never have to give up luxury for innovation. The wide variety of yacht styles speaks to their ability to create customized designs to exacting client specifications. The attention to detail assures that no facet of the overall yacht experience is left to chance; but instead is fully defined and included in the larger plan for delivery.

 A Heesen Yacht, launched from their shipyards in the Netherlands, brings together all the best in innovation, modern style and unceasing luxury to offer the discerning client with the value and originality that they demand.

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