Located amid the Rue de Rhone boutiques and gorgeous parks, the Hotel President Wilson offers world-renowned service and extraordinary luxury throughout the rooms and suites. The hotel, which faces the spectacular Mont-Blanc panorama, is one of Geneva’s Luxury Collection hotels, complete with a glamourous ballroom that can hold up to 1,000 guests and 12 banquet and conference rooms that make it one of the most popular international conference options.

The Hotel President Wilson offers lavish rooms with rich fabrics and tasteful decorations, with options that overlook the azure waters of Lake Geneva. Others offer views of the pool, while the business suites show the sights of the city below through the large picture windows.

While every room in the opulent hotel offers rich décor that wraps every visitor in complete luxury, the star of Hotel President Wilson is the lavish Royal Penthouse Suite. The 18,084 square feet suite offers a sense of the unique combined with unimaginable luxury and majestic quarters that are truly fit for royalty. Known throughout the world as the most expensive suite available, the perfection and attention to detail make it well worth every dime.

In addition to the excellence in surroundings and service provided by the Hotel President Wilson, the theme is carried throughout the experience with fine dining by Michel Roth, unique bars with elegant and contemporary cocktails, and the Spa La Mer, which provides an exclusive relaxation experience that delivers perfect well-being and rejuvenation with every visit.

What: The contemporary and extravagant experience that can only be found at a Luxury Collection Hotel.

Where: Overlooking Lake Geneva on Rue de Rhone, facing the Mont-Blanc and its stunning views, alongside fashionable boutiques and parks.

Why: Experience the commitment to excellence in service, comfort and luxury in spaces that are lavishly appointed with modern appeal. ($431 – $81,000).

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