If you’re looking to drop some jaws and cut a stunning figure in 2017, here are some of the top jewelry trends you’re going to need to know.

Colored Diamonds

The demand for colored stones has been driven by their rarity and beauty as well as increased media attention on high-profile individuals who wear these gems, with pink and yellow stones being the most popular. The growing popularity of color is also influenced by fashion trends.


In recent years there has been a shift toward modern and inventive jewelry design, with asymmetry concepts becoming more prominent, we can see them in earrings as an example with reversed stone orientation between left and right or even two different earrings making a pair.

Bold Color

As the consumer’s eye becomes adjusted to bold and clashing textile patterns from the fashion industry, similarly the eye becomes adjusted to bold jewelry colors.


Designers have been breathing new life into pearls and incorporating them into funkier, bolder designs so we can all take advantage of a little beauty secret our grandmothers are all well versed with. Funky pearl trends are definitely in this year.


Layered bangles have become important accents to wrists, where consumers are investing in everyday jewelry that fits their lifestyle and personality for completing an entire look. Mark Davis is a notable designer who creates beautiful Bakelite bangles set with gemstones in a myriad of mosaics.


The choker trend really gained momentum this past year. The perfect complement to the entire off-the-shoulder look, seeing both bold and dainty designs to accentuate the neck as a feminine statement from Cathy Waterman.

Blast from the past

We see consumers moving toward jewelry that is wearable but has weight to it: Chunky gold necklaces, statement pendant necklaces, thick bangles, and animal-themed designs from the 1970s come to mind. 




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