Koenigsegg Regera

The brand new Regera from Koenigsegg is the latest model of luxury plug-in hybrids for 2016. With only 80 Regeras planned for production, this is a true collector’s hybrid, with a twin-turbo V-8 and three electric motors that result in insane output. The Koenigsegg Regera can reach speeds up to 62 miles per hour in uner three seconds, and nearly 250 miles per hour in just 20 seconds. While Koenigsegg is still a small manufacturer, there is no question that the Regera goes beyond intimidating.

Following in the tracks of Ferrari or Porsche, Koenigsegg uses a hybrid drivetrain for the Regera, though this one is a totally unique set up. The combined total of 1.11 megawatts converts to 1489 SAE, or 1509 metric, horsepower. If Koenigsegg’s claims that the Regera can reach 250 miles per hour in under 20 seconds are correct, the Regera breaks the record for fastest-accelerating car in the world.

The Regera is the first car in the world that includes a completely robotized body closure system. Every closure operates via remote control, and there’s no weight penalty inherent in this system thanks to the compact hydraulic technology developed by Koenigsegg. The soft-closing mechanisms add to the sophisticated feeling of the entire package. One of the most desired features in the foldable, active top-mounted rear wing that reduces drag and offers a more streamlined appearance when parking.

Koenigsegg’s Internal Combustion Engine is the most downsized homologated production engine in the world, and that means that the Regera is lightweight and extremely agile. The Regera goes a step further than its predecessor, the Agera, thanks to the instant torque electric propulsion in the Direct Drive system. Compared to Agera, the Regera is the perfect marriage of cat-like reflexes and super powered luxury.

Koenigsegg designed the Regera totally in-house, and the design is a big change from the usual Koenigsegg look. Where many Koenigsegg models are flashy, even over-the-top, the Regera is a sleek, spacious design that definitely appeals to modern luxury tastes. Koenigsegg developed an entirely new rear sub frame for the Regera, where the engine and transmission are resting on active soft mounts. This means that the driving experience in the Regera is silent and smooth in normal conditions, and highly responsive in more adventurous driving conditions.

Finally, Koenigsegg fitted the Regera with a custom-designed exhaust system that was partially designed by specialists at Akrapovic. The titanium fish tail outlet design was inspired by luxury vehicles made decades ago, adding an excellent nod to the history of luxury car design to this otherwise totally modern royalty hybrid.

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