Bringing classic Lamborghini pizzazz to the world of “entry level supercars”, the Huracan rear wheel drive is probably the first Lambo that could be labeled with the phrase “high precision handling”. By removing the front driveshaft, half shaft, and differential, the engineers have turned the previous AWD Huracan into the RWD model that offers nearly the same power-to-weight ratio and and effortless turn-in.

Though the improved agility and optional “dynamic steering” mode allows for some amazing drivability, the Huracan RWD doesn’t lose much in the way of power. Drivers can still expect the 5.2-liter, 571-horsepower V10 to hit 62.5 miles per hour in under 3.5 seconds, drop back to zero in 105 feet, and to reach speeds up to 199 miles per hour.

Just like the other Hurcan models, this Lamborghini packs a punch in aesthetics. An imposing, heavily-styled body with enlarged air intakes and removable lateral wind guards combine to give this supercar a truly eye-catching presence. The enlarged air intakes also provide increase downforce on the front axle, and the two fins as well as lateral wind guards help reduce exterior noise. Even when driving topless, the cabin remains fairly quiet.

Custom Pirelli PZero tires are set on 19-inch Kari rims to create yet more powerful aesthetic design on the Huracan RWD, and the cabin is as luxurious as owners of a Lambo would expect. The seven-speed clutch dial has a launch control feature for standing-start sprints, as well as the LPI sensor system and optional dynamic steering mode to create a true “race car” response. There is even more fine tuning thanks to the Adaptive Network Intelligent Management feature, which allows drivers to switch between Strada, Sport, or Corsa mode. While Strada is the mode for daily commuting, Sport mode is the most engaging, perfect for track racing. Corsa mode engages the LPI fully, so drivers are learning less and simply enjoying an insanely powerful ride more.

While the Gallardo didn’t get an RWD model for eight years, it only took Lamborghini eight months to offer the Huracan RWD model, promising even better improvements in the very near future. With a starting price of $220,000, the Huracan RWD is not an every-day supercar. While the handling supremacy doesn’t quite top other models from Ferrari or McLaren, this model is the perfect way for Lamborghini fans to get their start in the supercar arena.

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