Each Oceanco yacht is built to the exacting standards of their owner, taking into account the highest levels of engineering and technology by artisans from around the world. While they do boast their own internal design team, Oceanco’s professional builders also work with superyacht designers from around the world to ensure that each yacht they create is a singular work of art.

Distinctive Elegance

Oceanco yachts have developed a distinctive elegance in more recent years, as the impressive and unique vessels continue to improve with every successful launch. Every yacht begins with the vision of the owner and the philosophy of Oceanco to ensure that every individual who steps foot on the yacht feels what the owner intended them to feel. The timeless and award-winning designs include incredibly well thought out details and the most innovative options available due to extensive design engineering and structure. With a style driven by Dutch artisans, Old World style meets the very most modern technology with a perfection that is evident in each piece.

Environmentally Friendly

Owning and operating a large yacht has a significant impact on the environment, and this is something that Oceanco constantly strives to reduce through the inventive use of non-traditional technology and a continual focus on improvement of building equipment and methods.

While one of the newer yacht builders in the Netherlands as the company was founded in 1990, Oceanco is nonetheless making a name for themselves in the massive luxury yacht industry by building vessels that are dependable, enduring and that will be enjoyed by an exclusive group of individuals around the world. Their small number of projects at any one time is testament to their continual focus on quality over quantity.

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