From humble beginnings as a family business, Lürssen Yachts has become the name to remember in the world of megayachts. The excellence built into each yacht continues through today, with advanced technologies added in order to create truly outstanding boats for the discerning client. More than simply a shipbuilding company, Lürssen is also known as a shipbuilding family—ensuring that the quality continues to lend pride to their name.

Client-Driven from the Start

Lürssen leaders pride themselves on placing the client at the middle of the process—allowing them to make each yacht unique to the client’s desires and needs, while the client can feel comfortable knowing that the highest standards of quality will be employed in the crafting of their vessel. Uncompromising technical standards are one of the hallmarks of Lürssen artisans, with this level of attention showing in every detail of boats that leave their shipyard. A deep commitment to this quality is found in yachts up to 150 meters long—some of the world’s most graceful, modern, imposing and innovative vessels that are as diverse as their owners.

Manufacturing Base

As the manufacturer of the first diesel engine boat, the first actual motor boat as well as the first remote-controlled boat, Lürssen focuses on constantly driving innovation for each of their luxury superyachts. Designers from around the world work with Lürssen to ensure that each client’s dreams come to life, and naval architects and engineers to ensure that all of the designs reach the highest technical and safety standards possible.

Lürssen’s reputation for amazing, tailored superyachts is well-deserved, with their continued focus on innovation and their suite of different shipyards as well as global connections to the finest craftsmen and engineers.

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