Luxury vacation packages that include coral reef diving or Serengeti safaris are always more inviting when guests can stay in a luxury hotel like the Four Seasons – but what if the Four Seasons could offer the same amazing adventure vacations, and the same high-class accommodations, on the go? The Four Seasons Hotel private jet is a custom experience that offers group tours to the wealthy and elite traveler.

White leather recliners designed by Iacobucci extend out to a full 6.5 feet of relaxing space. This is Four Seasons’ first fully-branded resort jet, meaning that the luxury service now has complete control over the entire experience. A 21-person staff caters to the care and comfort of every passenger, including an executive chef, a concierge, a travel coordinator, three pilots, multiple engineers, a physician and a professional photographer. No detail is overlooked on board, and while guests may be giving up a private shower, they aren’t missing out on any of the other amenities that come with staying in a Four Seasons hotel.

The jet is a Boeing 757, with 115 feet of room for passengers to move about during flight time. Every adventure package is planned to avoid long flight times, though Four Seasons goes out of its way to ensure that the time that is spent in the air is as comfortable as possible. The longest flight in any of the packages is eight hours, but most average closer to six. Quite a few of the packages would have the passengers in the air for less than four hours total. The jet itself is designed as a more communal experience, lacking the private partitions that many luxury jets include.

Essentially, this service is a shuttle and hotel all rolled into one luxurious experience, but the novelty of staying in a resort-sponsored private jet as you cruise from one adventure to the next is plenty of reason for vacationers to be excited. There’s no reason to book your travel, no need to move your belongings around, and much like a cruise, it’s a lot more convenient than arranging for your meals and activities on your own.

The kitchen includes an aviation-code steam oven, so guests are served gourmet food that is cooked fresh, made with local ingredients from the current or previous stop. This is just one example of the high level of luxury offered to passengers who fly with the Four Seasons private jet.

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