Founded in 1929 by French manufacturer Marcel Dassault, the line began as military fighter jets, not manufacturing their first personal aircraft until 1963: the Falcon 20, named the Mystere 20 in France. With a transcontinental range of nearly 3000 miles, the Falcon 2000 is the current standard for 10-seater aircraft. While many of the Falcon series are meant for shorter jaunts, two of the larger Falcon aircraft can surpass 5000 miles and carry up to 13 people, while still maintaining excellent fuel management throughout the trip. Dassault’s stated vision is to go “Higher Together”, which they have certainly done with their more recent additions to the Falcon line.

Future Facing Enterprise

Dassault is taking the long view—looking for ways many years down the road where they can continue to add value to customers and add innovative and revolutionary new aircraft to their business. From the outstanding technological solutions coming from their design department to the ability to leverage their learning from the military sector, Dassault is poised to continue their reign in this small aircraft market. Seamless digital technology is the aim, and their defense projects allow Dassault to see the future before others can even dream about it.

Falcon Business Jets

Dassault Aviation offers many different models of business jets that will manage long hauls just as well as short jaunts, with the agility that means they have their choice of airports at which to land. There is a dedicated focus on technology that makes life easier for customers—passengers are able to work just as if they were at their office desk with Wi-Fi and more.

Whether you need an airplane for up to 6450 nautical miles, or need to ensure the comfort of an extra-tall individual in the Falcon 5-X’s extra-large cabin, Dassault jets are sure to please.

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