Located on the Mediterranean Sea in the Lara region of Turkey, the Mardan Palace Hotel highlights the palatial architecture with an innovative design and adds unbeatable service to create a truly modern and luxurious experience in an idyllic setting.

Filled with a combination of 546 rooms and unique suites, the hotel lives up to its title of being the most luxurious hotel in the Mediterranean. Striving to recreate the royal splendor of bygone times, the hotel features a veritable museum of antiques coupled with elements of both European and Turkish culture. From the Maiden Tower to the Da Vinci Bridge that crosses the private pool in the center of the hotel, the Mardan Palace invokes a sense of royalty and glamour that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world.

With accommodations that include garden suites, executive suites and presidential suites that include butler service and panoramic views of the city, guests are immersed in pleasure and beauty from every angle. The water street beside the pool offers gondola rides to other areas, making each individual gain a new appreciation for the simpler things in life.

The hotel offers 11 unique restaurants, 11 bar facilities and a wine cellar, ensuring a full range of experiences every single night. From specialty cocktails to international cuisine, the Mardan Palace Hotel creates an interesting experience for every individual.

Whether staying in the post-modern European wing, the traditional Ottoman style Anatolian wing or the palatial Dolmabahce wing, every guest will experience the luxury and service for which the Mardan is known.

What: A luxurious palatial experience complete with a spa retreat and stunning views.

Where: Located in the Lara region of Turkey along the Mediterranean.

Why: The palatial location coupled with stunning views and a keen attention to both service and luxury throughout the experience.

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