The new McLaren 650S has been designed without a single compromise and with every detail painstakingly created to astound you with dynamics, performance and sheer good looks. From the airbrake that instantly deploys to keep you safe in those fast turns to the active drag reduction system, the McLaren is optimized even down to the weight of the paint that covers the smooth lines. Speaking of paint, the McLaren’s lustrous shine is created by hand-mixing the paint, as well as applying and finishing it by hand to incredibly high standards of perfection.

Exterior Satisfaction

Viewing the McLaren 650S from the outside gives you a taste of the engineering that went into this road machine. All LED headlights have been crafted to function well and last the life of the vehicle, while staying stealthy during the day to avoid marring the perfection of the lines.


Lightweight MonoCell carbon fiber helps the McLaren 650S maintain the handling of a premiere Formula 1 race car, while bringing a higher level of safety to the road. The lack of flex in the chassis means that you’ll stay connected to the road at all times and is a huge part of the innovation within the vehicle.

Fluid Dynamics

Of course, the exterior is gorgeous—but the looks are a result of hundreds of hours of research in advanced computational fluid dynamics, an obsession with perfection and weeks of wind tunnel testing to provide you with the ultimate precision.

While on paper, the McLaren 650S holds its own with the other supercars in its league, it is when you get on the road that you’ll see the true difference that the rear wheel drive and three different drive modes offer. With an acceleration to 60 under three seconds and an engine right behind your ear, the McLaren is certain to excite.

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