Far from a supercar and much closer to a limousine, the Mercedes Maybach S600 provides everything you can possibly imagine in comfort that is almost embarrassingly opulent even by American standards. You will find the softest leather covering nearly every surface including the doors, and multiple colors of ambient lighting in the rear lounge–as the rear seat is called, and for good reason.

Luxury Defined

It would be difficult to find a more comfortable bed in your home, as the floors are covered with plush sheepskin floor mats and each seat has extendable leg rests, additional space for stretching out and separate pillows—in leather, of course. If this isn’t enough, you can enjoy a hot-stone massage (yes, really!) through the seat that is individually controlled and completely customizable. The Maybach S600 even includes a special air filtration system that infuses the air with the scent of the Agar tree. You can even opt to include a small fridge that will hold your champagne, to go along with the custom flutes that are stored between the seats. Just take a second to pop out the airline-style fold-down tables before you do so you don’t risk a spill.


The Mercedes S-class is already a suite of the most solidly-built vehicles in the world, and the S600 certainly doesn’t disappoint. Between the Road Surface Scan camera system and the integrated suspension, the Maybach offers one of the sleekest and smoothest rides imaginable.

Longer than some of its brethren, the Maybach S600 brings the power of executive luxury in a slightly more affordable package that will cocoon both the driver and the lucky passengers in the ultimate ostentation possible for a vehicle.

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