Perini Navi began with a vision: that sailing could be different, and could allow for comfortable living spaces yet still allow a craft to be piloted by only one person. A new understanding of how winches could be used as well as the mindset of breaking all the traditional rules, allowed the Perini Navi Group to radically redefine the way people think of sailing yachts. Thirty years later, the story of innovation continues as Perini Navi expands their philosophy on innovation and on sailing yachts.

Innovative Design

Some of the things that set Perini Navi yachts apart from the crowded Italian yacht building crowd is the customized in-house building of alloy masts to support the unique sail system that is the basis for their success. With a generous space inside the yacht for living, The Perini Navi group now turns their focus to managing the intense weight control for the speed of the yachts and their overall sailing performance. With 42 luxury yachts launched and more than 10 on the way, Perini Navi Group is set to continue their domination of the global sailing yacht market. Sail controls are all manufactured in house, allowing Perini Navi Group to maintain their competitive edge in this growing large-scale sailing yacht market.

Quality and Comfort

While innovation is part of their DNA, Perini Navi Group is mostly known for the overall comfort of their sailing vessels as well as their divine levels of craftsmanship on the interior.

From racing yachts to larger sailing yachts over 60 meters, Perini Navi yachts are set to distinguish themselves from the competition with their overall style, comfort and design, as well as the innovative technologies that Perini Navi employs to ensure that the yachts can be easily managed by the smallest of crews.

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