The stunning precision of a Swiss timepiece is mirrored in the Pilatus Aircraft line, as they are used in personal luxury transportation, corporate travel and military training. Whether you’re looking for high speed, long range, or precise construction, Pilatus offers customers the ideal balance of features and price to meet their needs. While also available as a corporate and personal luxury option, Pilatus is often used for humanitarian aid in developing countries due to its ability to take off and land on rough, short runways. Inside the spacious cabin, six will fit comfortably in a standard seating while you can arrange for up to nine with a more corporate setup. Much like modern SUVs or vans, you can remove additional seats to make room for extra cargo, and the large cargo door aft is big enough to load in a motorcycle or a large number of goods.

Advanced Technology

With dials being replaced by monitors, Pilatus is at the top of the class when it comes to technology in the cockpit. Air-traffic updates, navigation charts, weather data and trip planning are all at the fingertips of the pilot as well as the more standard engine status, environmental settings and pressurization metrics. Even the seats have received advanced ergonomic review, with additional overhead lights and side panels to make the space as convenient as possible.

 Operational Flexibility

The Pilatus line of aircraft are all about flexibility, and the flat floor as opposed to drop floor mirrors that need as well as the fully-enclosed lavatory and baggage area. Feeling much more like an SUV with wings than a plane, this comfortable and economic personal airplane is a great mix of options for everyman.

 When you need a stylish yet functional personal airplane, the Pilatus line of planes gives you the speed, performance and range you demand – at an upfront and operating cost that you can afford.

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