Roberto Coin has long been known as the master of working with gold. His designs have delighted people around the world for decades. Thus, it comes as no surprise that one of his most recently revised collections, Barocco, would blend richly woven gold and diamonds for designs that are scintillating. The new line is a play on complex baroque looks of 17th century Italy, but in a thoroughly modern interpretation.

Barocco is an icon re-visited. In fact, Roberto Coin has reinterpreted the historical Barocco collection and updated it with a symphony of woven golds interspersed with diamonds. Coin crafts in yellow, white and rose gold, and each bracelet, ring, necklace and earring sings its own song of harmony and elegance.

The Roberto Coin brand is masterful at details and top-quality manufacturing that brings Coin’s style of twisted gold threads to life. In fact, Coin started his company back in 1977 in Vicenza, Italy, with a focus on gold. Coin admits, though, that he was not thrilled with his early creations and that it was almost two decades after he started his business that he finally invented the techniques for weaving gold and gems that define him today.
Today, Roberto Coin is one of the top jewelers in America thanks to his innovative fashionable styles and his abilities to set the trends. He unveils hundreds of new models every year, attesting to his prolific talent and undying passions for art and design. The Barocco collection is just one example of his creative thinking and of the brand’s ability to interpret it in gold and gemstones.

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