I know that comfort should always trump luxury when it comes to selecting the best collection for your closet as a chic lady who is constant with trends; however like the French lord Jean-Jacques Rousseau said we must learn to powder our wigs! Don’t be scared to add some gleam and glam to your collection… just because you love stones doesn’t mean you have to stick to dirt! Make sure each piece you own is classic and here are some pieces you need to have – if you don’t have them already!

A Jacket Deluxe: Jackets are the essential head-turners – especially the expensive ones which are rare and exclusive to the owners. Place all the money in your purse on that Louis Vuitton lambskin jacket or some royal silk puffer by Hermes!

A Gemstone Necklace: A nice silk dress with thigh-high splits can only do so little in helping you steal the spotlight, but when you have a beautiful gem around your necks it attracts eyes and shows how glamorous you are! A rose gold and diamond necklace by Mouawad known as L’Incomparable should do the trick!

A Chic Handbag: Stay away from those cheap knockoffs! You can do better! Luxury cannot be minimised so don’t hesitate to splurge your money on an iconic Chanel lambskin clutch. Prada makes really sophisticated bags too!

An Elegant Pair of Heeled Boots: Be beauty, be grace and be in charge of every place with a grand pair of heeled boots; preferably suede and leather… NO RUBBERS!! A nice pair of Gucci’s will have you standing tall in no time – literally!

A Royal Scent: Our scent is ignored more often than not and this is the best way to let people know how much of a royalty you are! Let people feel your presence from miles away by wearing a royal perfume like Creed Water!

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