No one likes to board a plane knowing that they’ll be stuck there for the next 20 hours of their life – or do they? These 10 luxury first class cabins make it pretty easy for high class travelers to settle in and enjoy a flight, no matter how long it may be.

Etihad Diamond First

This sophisticated and private first class cabin is made with designer details and a focus on comfort. The seats are designed in Poltrona Frau leather – the same leather that you’d find in the interior of a Ferrari. The sliding screen door offers even more privacy for a totally secure bubble of comfort, and the personal suite has an extra wide bed with a silk duvet for sleeping. Guests leave their flight with a complimentary gift featuring Swarovski crystals and La Prairie skincare products.


Consistently rated near the top across the world, the Emirates first class cabin is a master course in pampering. Featuring private cabin areas with exclusive wine and champagne lists, a personal minibar, ambient lighting and a private cinema experience, passengers probably won’t want to leave. Gourmet meals and even an onboard shower spa complete the experience.


This first class cabin makes the list because of its perfect balance between modern comfort and unassuming atmosphere. With only eight seats in this first class cabin, passengers can choose to sit in the most private second row, which faces the mini bar set up, or to enjoy the ability to converse with a travelling buddy in the larger third row. With a personal television, adjustable ottoman, and built-in storage, there are plenty of amenities to keep the cabin luxurious, but not so many that it becomes claustrophobic.


No top list of first class cabins would be complete without a mention of the $23,000 (SGD) flight from Singapore to New York. This first class suite is as private as they come, featuring an enclosed area with a double bed, a hand stitched Italian leather armchair, and more. The suite was designed by luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste, and amenities come from Givenchy or Salvatore Ferragamo. From the VIP check in area at the airport to the personalized greeting at the door, guests are given the utmost in luxury and respect before, during, and after their flight.

Qatar Airways

First class in Qatar Airways A380 fleet means ultra-wide, ultra-plus seating made in a unique U-shaped niche for each passenger. While this luxury cabin isn’t quite as private as many of the others we’ve mentioned, there are aisle dividers that can be raised to create a quieter, more private compartment. The seat reclines into a fully flat bed, but can also work as a dining space for two people to sit it total comfort. This cabin includes amenities designed by Armani.

Air France

The La Premiere cabin has four individual suites that offer exclusive comfort on a long flight. Suites include reclining beds that reach 6 feet 7 inches long, making this one of the most spacious sleeping compartments in any of the top luxury first class cabins. Each guest cabin also includes a 24-inch HD touchscreen television, a separate ottoman for a visiting guest, and thick curtains to create privacy at any time.

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