We all do it. Whether you’re already married, in a long term relationship or still fiercely single, every girl secretly has a bookmarked selection of unique engagement rings hidden in their internet history ! It doesn’t matter if you’re just browsing to kill time, or seriously considering taking the plunge, highlighting a range of fiancé approved rings can save that awkward, return of shame for your nearest and dearest. To save face, we advise you ‘accidentally’ send them this article in the hope that if the ‘I Do’ situation presents itself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Check out our favorite unique engagement ring designs below :

Dauphin Disruptive Ring
Geometric and unassuming, this unique engagement ring from Dauphin in 18k white gold with a Off centre set, emerald-cut diamond is the perfect antidote to cookie cutter rings. Contemporary and chic, this is the perfect ring for accessory lovers. Pair it with a multitude of mix n’ match rings for a modern take on matrimony.

Interlocking Circles Ring
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but gold is forever. We love this engraved interlocking ring from Tiffany Co. in 18k gold. A unique engagement ring with no diamond in sight, instead relish in its contemporary design and traditional engraving – how romantic !

Baguette Band
Art Deco eat your heart out with this geometric diamond ring from Jill Hoffmeister. Perfect for the contemporary art buff, this 14k diamond band ring is a classy yet conceptual piece with added wow factor !

Aladdin Ring
A stand out ring, expect gasps of amazement when you show off this Hollywood bling ring ! A unique engagement ring encrusted in diamonds, it would be pretty hard to say no to this platinum statement ring from Van Cleef Arpels.

Black Diamond Ring
Its doesn’t get more unexpected than a deep dark diamond to banish the cutesy undertones of marital bliss. Inject some contemporary allure into classic designs with this striking black inset diamond ring. A naughty but nice design, this rock chic piece is the perfect ‘I do’ design for the modern Sid and Nancy types.

Aria Ring
So beautiful, we might blow the whole wedding budget just to get this ring on our finger, this enticing diamond encrusted floral rose ring from De Beers is so special it deserves its own celebration !

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