If you appreciate seasonal updates to your wardrobe, the Van Cleef and Arpel Lady Arpel Papillon Automate offers you one of the most stunning ways to enhance your springtime look. This ladies watch was unveiled at the 2017 SIHH trade fair and instantly stunned the crowds. Why? As one journalist explained, it “features an exclusive automated model butterfly which flutters randomly against the background of a spring garden.”

However, that hardly does this amazing wrist watch justice. It is a diamond set watch crafted in a 38mm white gold case. The face is a masterpiece of mauve and blue sapphires, mother of pearl inlay and varied hues of enamel. All of them are in the traditional company palette of creamy aqua, teal, violet and turquoise hues, and even the butterfly’s delicate wings depict multiple shades.

Of course, it is that butterfly that is the centerpiece of this watch. The time is depicted by a small, subtle yet easily read watch face that is discreetly tucked into one area of the image, blending fluidly with the stones and enamel. The butterfly, though, steals the show.

Every so often the butterfly’s enamel wings flutter…[in] what appears to be a random sequence. There’s an irregular wheel that causes the flutter mechanism to activate at gaps of three to ten minutes while the number of flutters depends on how… active the wearer is, the faster the wheel turns and the more the butterfly wings flutter.

In other words, the more you wear this masterwork of time keeping, the more active your charming little butterfly becomes! Typically, the wings will put on a performance around 19 times per hour when the watch is stationary and unworn. However, it becomes far more animated as you rely on it for accurate time telling and ideal springtime fashion.

The Van Cleef and Arpel Lady Arpel Papillon Automate is part of their Poetic Complications collection, a line inspired by the “wonders that make life’s moments memorable” and which emphasizes dream like narratives. This amazing new design is a wonderful reflection of that mission, doing more than simply counting time. A technical marvel, you will come to love it far more for its beauty and originality, as well as its whimsy and wonderful liveliness. If you are looking to add something utterly unforgettable to your spring wardrobe, this piece will be sure to delight.

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